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If you have problems with discoloring of your teeth, you might be looking to explore teeth whitening options. Here at Hill Avenue Dental, we offer a range of options that’ll help you achieve the smile you’re looking for. There are different ways in which you can approach the whitening process, and you can learn more about those options below, as well as the benefits of each of them. Read on now to find out more and ultimately make a more informed decision regarding the teeth whitening option that’s right for you.


Tray Whitening

There are lots of different tray whitening options out there these days. Some of them can be bought over the counter and used at home, but these are not as strong or as effective as the teeth whitening trays that can be used by dental professionals. The whitening trays come in the form of a mold that’s flexible and fits around your teeth. They’re prefilled with the whitening agent, which is exposed to your teeth when you put it in place. To be effective, they require repeated applications.


Professional Bleaching

Professional bleaching procedures can also be used by dental professionals, and we offer this service to our patients at our practice here in Spirit Lake, Iowa. This is considered one of the best and most effectives ways of correcting teeth discoloration and it can’t be done using over the counter treatments. We use a safe bleaching gel that’s applied to the teeth and allowed to sit in place, usually for around half an hour. This concentrated bleaching agent removes stains and whitens the teeth.


Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips are a fast and affordable way to improve the whiteness of your smile. If you’re looking for an effective treatment that can address minor discoloration, this might be the treatment to consider. If you’re looking for something a little more powerful and a treatment that’s able to address more severe examples of discoloration to the teeth, one of the options above might be better for you.


Whitening Toothpastes

Once your whitening procedure has taken place and you’re happy with the results, you’ll want to take steps to maintain the changes that you’re already noticing. Part of that should involve using a high-quality tooth whitening toothpaste. That way, you’ll be able to combat further discoloration each day and keep your smile looking bright and white. You should also consider drinking through a straw and maybe cutting back on some of the drinks best known for staining the teeth, such as red wine.


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If you’re interested in having your teeth whitened with the help of professionals who know how to achieve the very best aesthetic results, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team here at Hill Avenue Dental today. We’ll then be able to take a closer look, listen to your concerns and advise you on your next steps. The number to use if you want to talk to our team or book an appointment is 712-336-4895.