root canal therapy hill avenue dental dentist in Spirit Lake, IARoot canals often have a bad reputation, but this is due to a lack of education about root canal therapy. Root canal treatment is an operation that relieves pain while retaining your natural teeth.  There are several causes for toothaches that may necessitate a root canal: abscess or infection, trauma, or extensive decay.

At Hill Avenue Dental, we work with several endodontists in the area to restore teeth.  Endodontists are highly trained specialists that perform root canals every day.  These doctors have technology in their offices that can isolate the cause of a toothache and determine if a root canal is necessary or feasible.


What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is the process by which inflamed or infected tissue is removed from the inner canals of a tooth.  Endodontists have advanced technology that allows them to efficiently clean and shape the canals.  The empty canals are then filled with a rubber-like material that offers stability to the structure.  

One of the most common misconceptions about root canals is that they are painful and to be avoided at all costs.  However, this is simply not true.  Having a root canal is as painless as having a cavity filled.  You may experience mild discomfort after the process is completed, but this usually resolves in a few days.

After root canal treatment, most teeth will require a crown.  Although the pain may be gone, removing the tissue from inside a tooth also makes the structure weak.  Forgoing a crown increases the risk that the tooth will fracture, rendering the root canal pointless.

If you notice any sensitivity with your teeth or sores on your gums, contact us for treatment or a referral as soon as possible. Unchecked oral health issues can spread, affecting not only your teeth but your overall health.


Keeping it Natural

There is another way to treat a toothache as an alternative to a root canal, and that is through tooth extraction and cosmetic replacements. Partial dentures, flippers, bridges, and implants are all viable options for replacing a tooth, but none of these prosthetics looks or functions exactly like a natural tooth.  Retaining teeth, if possible, is always the best result for long-term comfort and function.


Root canal therapy is often the most effective way to eliminate pain and retain a tooth. Treated teeth can last years, and regular exams and cleanings are recommended in order to continue to monitor the state of the tooth.