Dental Emergencies in Spirit Lake, Iowa

Dental emergencies can occur at any moment and we want all patients and residents of Spirit Lake, Iowa, to know where they can turn when they happen. At Hill Avenue Dental, the staff has been trained on how to handle each emergency and is prepared to serve you when you are in need. Below is a list of the most common dental emergencies and how to handle each one of them. 

If you are experiencing a major life threatening emergency, call 911 immediately. 

A knocked out tooth is easily one of the most common dental emergencies. The most common reason we see patients for knocked out teeth is due to lack of protection during physical activities; however, this emergency can essentially come at any moment and from any source. When you unexpectedly knock out a tooth, the best thing you do is apply pressure to stop the blood flow, locate the tooth, and bring it into our office. Depending on the break, it may be possible to restore your real tooth. If that is not the case, we will review with you what your dental restoration options are. Come into our office as soon as possible to get help and relief from pain. 

A broken or a chipped tooth can also come from physical activity or something like eating hard food, decay, and more. This can be one of the most painful dental emergencies due to the different nerves and blood vessels in the pulp of your teeth. Try to locate the missing piece and come into our office as possible. Again, it may be possible to restore your natural tooth. If not, there are options such as dental bonding that we can perform to restore your smile to what it once was. 

An abscessed tooth is an infection that begins along the gum line and eventually infects the root of your tooth. This is something that may not be completely obvious at first and needs to be diagnosed by a professional. If you experience inflamed gums, toothache, or excessive bleeding, please come into our office as soon as you can. If the tooth socket fills with pus, it will affect the root of your teeth and eventually the pulp of your tooth. Come into our office as soon as you can to get help. 

Other dental emergencies that are less common include biting the tongue, excessive bleeding, and tearing tissue in your mouth. We recommend doing things such as wearing a mouth guard, avoiding hard candy, and never opening packaging with your teeth to help you avoid all dental emergencies. 

If you are in Spirit Lake, Iowa, and experience a dental emergency, Hill Avenue Dental is here for you. We are professionally trained and ready to help you with any issue that may arise. Do not hesitate to call us and come into our office when an emergency happens.