Dental Fillings in Spirit Lake, Iowa


Cavities can have multiple causes.  Diet, genetics, dry mouth, and oral hygiene are among the factors that contribute to decay.  Cavities are common, and most patients will have at least one in their lifetime.

A filling restores a tooth after a cavity or decay is removed.  Cavities are caused by bacteria damaging tooth enamel.  This decay has to be removed in order to restore the tooth.  Fillings can be made of composite material, which is tooth-colored, or amalgam, which is silver.  The filling material used depends on anatomy and the extent of decay.  If decay is not treated promptly, it can cause more severe problems that require more extensive treatment than a filling, such as a root canal or even extraction if the tooth is no longer restorable.

Procedure for a Filling


To begin restoring the tooth with a filling, one of our dentists must first remove the decay.  This is done using a small hand tool.  Once the decay is removed and the tooth is clean, it can be restored with either the composite or amalgam filling.  The tooth is polished after to smooth out the material.  At first, the material may feel abnormal.  As you adjust, this feeling fades and the material will feel just like a natural tooth.  Although our doctors do their best to form the filling to the natural shape of your tooth, occasionally it may need to be adjusted in a follow-up appointment.

It is important to note that oral hygiene is important is extending the life of the tooth and the filling.  Failure to maintain good oral hygiene can result in recurrent decay.  We also recommend bi-annual, professional cleanings and exams in order to ensure teeth are not developing new decay. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment!