Obtaining a healthy and stunning smile takes a mixture of both regular visits to the dentist and excellent oral hygiene habits at home. Not only is our team here at Hill Avenue Dental dedicated to helping you fix any dental problems, but it is also very important for us to offer preventative dentistry.

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In-office preventative treatments are used to give your teeth a little help twice a year to maintain their health. Standard preventative care that we offer in our office include:

Professional Teeth Cleaning

 Generally, every 6 months, it is recommended for you and your family to get your teeth cleaned professionally. In addition to brushing your teeth twice a day, your bi-yearly cleaning will help eliminate plaque or tartar build-up that your toothbrush can’t remove.

Dentist Examinations

After your cleaning, our dentists will be able to examine your teeth to detect if any cavities or problems are present. Using X-rays helps our dentist see your teeth in more detail to diagnose if problems may soon arise. If any cavities are present, we will be able to take care of them quickly to prevent further damage.

Dental Sealants

Mostly common in adolescents, dental sealants are used to protect the chewing surfaces of the teeth from collecting food and turning it into decay. Once your child has received their adult molars, sealants are recommended.

Fluoride Treatment

In our office, at the end of your cleanings we offer a fluoride varnish that is painted onto the teeth. Fluoride is a natural mineral that is used to build up and strengthen enamel, once placed, teeth will absorb the fluoride.

At-Home Preventative Care

Since a professional cleaning is only twice a year, most of the care for your teeth happens by you at home. Making sure that you are brushing well twice a day and flossing is a great way to try to fight dental issues. There are other measures you can take to ensure your teeth are really clean including:

  • Brushing with a fluoridated toothpaste can strengthen the enamel of your teeth, making it harder for cavities to occur.
  • Take the time to brush every surface of your teeth, and well. If surfaces are missed, plaque can start to build up and cause problems.
  • Consider using mouthwash to add some extra cleanliness to your teeth and freshness to your breath.

Preventing dental issues from occurring can be easy if you are taking all the necessary steps. Contact Hill Avenue Dental in Spirit Lake, Iowa for any questions or concerns you may have about your oral hygiene habits. Taking the time to take care of your teeth can save you from costly procedures and pain.