Suffering from tender, swollen, or bleeding gums could be a good indication that you could have periodontal disease or gum disease. At Hill Avenue, Dental periodontal disease or gum disease is taken very seriously and once diagnosed is placed as a priority for care.

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Periodontal Disease

Periodontal or gum disease in a minor form is very common and if caught quickly can be stopped by dental professionals from progressing. The main reason for the disease developing is the accumulation of plaque and tartar at the gumline of your teeth.

Over time, if oral health habits aren’t practiced, bacteria can continue to grow and spread resulting in loss of gum tissue, bone, and teeth. We take periodontal disease very seriously in our office due to the long-term and severe effects it causes. 


When coming in for your bi-yearly cleaning, during your examination with the dentist, they check for any sign of gum disease and make sure your supportive tissue is healthy. If our dentists do diagnose that you are suffering from some level of gum disease, a specific and tailored treatment plan will be made for you. Some standard periodontal therapy treatments include:

Root Planing & Scaling: Once you have been diagnosed, and had a thorough examination, we might suggest root planing and scale. Root planing is a procedure done to smooth the root of the tooth from bacteria and plaque, after the gum has receded, to help it heal.

After plaque and calculus have been built up, over time, they become hard and difficult to remove. Scaling is when an instrument called the ultrasonic scaler is used, to remove those hard accumulations of bacteria from your teeth.

Periodontal Maintenance: Another form of treatment that varies on the severity of gum disease is more often deep cleanings to remove debris and keep gum lines clean. Our dental professional will consult with you on how often you should be coming in to improve the health of your smile.

If you believe that you are suffering from gum disease, and you are in the Spirit Lake, Iowa area, please schedule an appointment at Hill Avenue Dental immediately. It is severely important to catch gum disease early to prevent extreme damage to your gums and bone.